K's All Natural Owls

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Crafty Ideas & Creations proudly presents:


K's All Natural Owl's


K's Owls, from inception through each creation, are as multi-layered as they are in nature. This transcends their individual meaning, purpose, source, use and so much more. K's All Natural Owls are more than your ordinary craft. K's All Natural Owls are always made from 100% all natural (organic) materials. These organic materials are found on the ground, dead and/or broken off by nature. They are often times beautiful items passed by and forgotten about.

At Crafty Ideas & Creation and K's Owls, We believe that even in death Mother Nature has amazing treasures and gifts to behold. All of our K's Owls creations like ornaments, centerpieces and sculptures follow the same theme and mission. To stay true to my daughter, myself and our craft, we will only use 100% real tree and plant elements from in and around Rhode Island already displaced from their origin. The same is true with all the insect specimens (Butterflies, Dragonflies, Bees etc.) used in our work.

At Crafty Ideas & Creations, we love and respect our planet and Mother Earth. We firmly believe in recycling, reusing and re-purposing everything we can. We also make every attempt at giving back to nature as well as preserving what we have left for the generations to come.


What also sets K's Owls apart from other woodland type crafts is that we are founded and built with a moral fiber, ethical meaning and other essential fundamentals one needs in life. One way we nurture these seeds is in our work together from our gathering and interactions with nature and the outdoors. It is also through our travels, many times on foot, many miles on pavement or in the wilderness. I continue this throughout the entire process. Each and every creation we do, we do with respect to nature, to K's Owls and to ourselves.

K's All Natural Hand-Krafted Owls (in short "K's All Natural Owls" or K's Owls) are named after my daughter Karissa. K's Owls are a completely original piece of woodland artistry; each sculpture is unique. Your K's piece is numbered and signed or in some cases initialed.


K's Owls originally started as a fun project with my daughter Karissa; however, I believe the fundamentals mentioned all play roles in what K's Owls is meant to teach. I think the making of these owls has added ways to teach her appreciation of life, nature, animals, and a love for all life has to offer. Through her eyes and hands I was again able to see the beauty in some of the darkest days. I wanted to give that back to her and so much more, beauty that she truly deserves and sometimes can’t obtain.

K's Owls was also given life because I believe in encouraging creativity and individuality, amongst other things, especially in children. Kids see everything from a wholesome, pure and beautiful viewpoint. Nowadays with the decline in our society, governments, and schools mixed with funding cuts across the board for programs like sports, arts, and after-school activities, the responsibility falls on the parents more than ever to enrich their children's lives as positively as possible.


I am a modern day single father and have seen my share of the cuts and problems associated with the overall decline in our area. Over the past few years, I've been a semi-unemployed inventor that was recently homeless living in my car. See link to - Warwick beacon article: "Homeless inventor living on love..."

 Having to balance time and struggle to regain my footing in society, quality time with my daughter was even more important. Being the inventor/creator I am, I needed to find ways to create without spending money that I didn't have available. One afternoon while working, I found these odd looking shells. When turned a certain way, I thought they looked like an owl’s face. That was the catalyst of K's Owls. Days after I began to think of ways to create an owl completely out of organic/natural parts. So the quest began. As Karissa and I would walk from place to place, we would pick up different pieces here and there. One day all the pieces began to come together to make the most unique owl all to itself, and K's All Natural owls was born. In every life experience, good and bad, there should be some growth or something learned.  In my struggles I've learned the less I have the more I’ve learned to appreciate the small things. I would like to instill in my daughter that we must learn to appreciate what we have, since someday we may have not. This is true in all of life, people, places and things; Mother Nature is no exception and should not be taken for granted. All these points are small building blocks I try to incorporate with each creation of K's Owls.

In my teaching to her and as part of the K’s All Natural Owls mission, my daughter and I DO NOT cut or remove any of our woodland pieces from live or living plants. Each part has been found on the ground, picked up (some not even cleaned for that added rustic feel), or gathered in some similar fashion. We sort through what treasures we have, then individually each K's Owl is created. We essentially breathe a new life into items that otherwise never would have been seen. We do this in the creation of each original, unique and beautiful K's All Natural Owls. As in nature, no two K's Owls are ever the same.



Our mission and craft have had a great response. They've become a huge hit locally and loved by many. Due to the overwhelming great response and large interest, we wanted to give everyone a chance to own or even make their own. If you're not in the New England area or would love to craft your own K's Owl, we will gather and ship (shipping cost will be charged) you a K's Owl kit. This K's All Natural Owl kit will include all of the organic items needed to make your very own K's All Natural Owl (adhesive not included). We will also create you, your very own unique K's All Natural Owl.

We make a variety of K's Owls for a number of reasons. Special occasion, Remembrance & Love, Holiday Ornaments, Centerpieces, Sculptures, Klip-ons™, Wall hangs and so much more. We can even personalize some of our K's All Natural Owls (Please ask for more details). There is also a PayPal donate option (located at the top of our page). If you like our work, mission, craft etc & would like help keep our work alive, please feel free to donate what you can. 

Thank You~


K's Owls are made with all natural, dried foliage and more, thus being VERY FRAGILE!! Please keep this in mind while, ordering, making, handling, or displaying your K's All Natural Owl. With this in mind, please also be advised. Shipping on some K's Owl's, Sculptures, Center Pieces etc. may NOT be shipped though conventional mentods.Therefor you MUST arrange for pick-up and/or delivery of your K's Owl.


Please note, not all features shown in sample photos are available or can be made (i.e the dragonfly, butterfly). Options available are dependent on the items we have collected. 

Due to the nature of the craft, some adhesive may/will be seen, we do our best to avoid any visible adhesive; however it’s not always fully possible.

For more information and to order your K's All Natural Hand Krafted Owl, please feel free to email us.
Thank you~



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